December 27, 2014

The Power of Mother Nature

You can ride in the Powell River backcountry year round. The lower elevations have clear trails, and the high country snow is easily accessible. But remember, logging is also a year round activity, so check the hotline at (604) 485-3100 and watch for vehicles on the main roads.

Khartoum Lake makes a good winter destination. Just in case, bring your chainsaw and tools to clear roads and trails along the way if needed.

We've been to here quite a few times. The first was by kayak up Lois Lake, through the Lois River and into Khartoum Lake. That trip we camped at the Forest Service campsite on the west shore. We used the same campsite for the book launch party for Up the Main, the second book in Coastal BC Stories series. Friends came by car, truck and quad for a lakeside fire and BBQ.

On one winter trip we saw the devastating results of a powerful storm. Our quad ride up Stillwater Main and Third Lake Road to Khartoum Lake was through a path of destruction. High winds snapped and uprooted huge second growth trees. Sections of the roadway looked as if they had been logged, but the ravaged stumps told a different story. Downed logs of this size were no match for a small chainsaw, but fortunately someone with heavy equipment had been there before us.

That same year, the bridge near the Khartoum Lake campsite was washed out. The approaches were gone and the center packed with huge boulders and logs. Imagine the power that caused it. Runoff from heavy rains must have been blocked upstream.

When the water was released, the river's level raised, washing out the bridge and scouring trees in its path. Sometimes, when we are sheltered in our city homes, we forget the true power of nature. A trip just off the beaten path can be an awakening experience.  -

Here's a short video about another ride to Khartoum Lake.

Want to know more about quad riding in the Powell River area? Check out Up the Main and Farther Up the Main by Powell River Books. -- Margy


  1. I have tried ti drive one of these once and I found it difficult :)

  2. I first tried an off-road motorcycle and found a quad much easier for me to use. Even so, I have to work hard if I'm not on a fairly level surface. - Margy


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