May 29, 2018

Available Online: "Up the Main"

Coastal BC Stories
by Wayne J. Lutz

Up the Main is the book that started it all. Come along as we explore Powell River's backcountry by bike, quad and hiking. Ride with us to places like Theodosia Inlet, the head of Powell Lake, and on logging roads and local trails near and far.

A great book for the outdoor enthusiast. my first book in the series Coastal British Columbia Stories, I decided to write about a subject that initially excited me very little -- exploring the local area by all-terrain vehicle. My friend John insisted I learn to ride a quad, and I followed his lead only because adventures with John are always worthwhile. I didn't think I'd become a quad addict, but it happened. The Powell River ATV Club is a big part of my book, Up the Main, and influenced much of my future writing. Now you'll find me on the trails regularly, and writing more about off-road riding. Join me (and John and his dog Bro) in exploring the Powell River backcountry. 

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Kindle version for $2.99
Print version for $12.95
Other e-book versions $2.99

Also available at other online booksellers and Coles in Powell River.

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  1. If you already have "Up the Main" there are several other books in the series about ATV exploration: Farther Up the Main, Beyond the Main, and Powell Lake by Barge and Quad. All four are available in ebook and print formats from most online booksellers as well as in Coles bookstores here in Powell River. - Margy


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