March 11, 2016

Riding to the Snow Up Heather Main

Chippewa Bay barge ramp.
Down at the cabin we haven't had much snow this year. But up in the high country, we are finally getting a good snow pack.

Our good friend John tried to ride his quad over Heather Main from the Theodosia side in late February and couldn't make it over the top.

He asked if we would try from the Powell Lake side and we were happy to do so.

We've been talking about riding up to the snow, and this got us going. It also gave us a chance to find good spots for snowshoeing in the future.

Our quads are always loaded on the barge and ready to go. That had made riding from our float cabin home a lot easier.

We motored across to Chippewa Bay and offloaded at the Western Forest Products barge ramp.

From this starting point we rode up the main Chippewa logging road towards Heather Main.

The beginning follows Powell Lake heading north then switches back south and up to a ridge.

This is where we first encountered light snow. It got deeper and harder to navigate before we reached the junction with Heather Main.

Now we have a report for John about the snow level.

And the ride did have a side benefit, an impromptu snow cone with some pop we brought with our lunch.

Read more about winter in Powell River's backcountry in Up the Winter Trail. -- Margy


  1. Looks like a great ride in the snow.

    1. It was, and soon after we were there the route opened. This is an amazing year for a warm spring and early thaw. - Margy

  2. What a fun thing to do, looks like so much fun!


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